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The Timeline, an Explanation

As I have been booking weddings recently for 2020, I realized the questions I get asked most often are about the timeline.

Why does it take so long? Why does the bride take twice as much time as the bridesmaids? Does it actually take the full 90 minutes?

I thought I would try to explain the typical timeline here to hopefully clear up any confusion and answer those common questions.

First of all, I want to stress how incredibly important it is to stick to a strict timeline. Not just for your makeup artist, but everyone involved. Your photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist...everyone has to be on the same page and working towards getting you to that "go time" of which the actual ceremony is set to start. If everyone is not working together, things can quickly go awry. When picking out all these vendors, punctuality has got to be key.

Now that that is out of the way, let's get right into your makeup scheduling. You might think 90 minutes seems like an absurd amount of time to be spending solely on makeup. In most cases, that would be true. This is your wedding day, however, and as the bride you most likely want every detail to be "perfect." Your makeup is definitely one place you don't want to rush or skimp. Your photos will last a lifetime, and you definitely don't want to look back and hate your makeup. It's your FACE! Obviously, one reason we take our time is to really focus on details to create exactly the look you are desiring. If you had a trial run (which I try to schedule with all my brides), then generally I will have pictures and notes of exactly what look we are going for and what products I used during your trial to achieve it. Maybe you change your mind or find another picture of a look you'd like instead. There has be enough time to change the game plan to achieve your goal, so I like to be prepared for any of the possible situations that may arise. I also like to be prepared for the possibility of another vendor being behind. It happens. You hair stylist or photographer maybe a few minutes behind schedule, which puts everyone behind schedule. We've got to work that into our game plan so that we still have you ready and perfect in time to walk down the aisle.

Another reason we schedule the amount of time we do is so we have a buffer in between each person. There needs to be enough time to clean and sanitize tools and products in between each person. Usually this doesn't take very long, but the time still has to be accounted for. As a makeup artist, I want to stress how this step is crucial. You do not want to use an artist who has unsanitary products, brushes, or tools! I think this one goes without explanation.

As to why the scheduling is different for each person, it all comes down to the amount of time spent. The bride will of course get the most time. Bridesmaids are still allotted 45 minutes each, so half the amount of time compared to the bride, but still plenty of time to create a beautiful look. Flower girls/Jr. bridesmaids don't need a ton of makeup that requires a lengthy amount of time, so they obviously get the least amount of time allotted.

All in all, the timeline is somewhere we don't want to get stuck rushing through, nor do we want to get to "go time" and not be finished! It is in everyone's best interest that we schedule ample amount of time to get everything finished without having to rush through or skip steps. Your wedding day is not the time to do anything half way.

I hope this clears up any questions or confusions on why we schedule the amount of time that we do. Looking at it from an every day perspective, I know that 90 minutes for makeup seems overkill, but hopefully you can see why we take that extra time, plan in time for sanitization and possible set-backs, and work towards getting you that fairy tale wedding you desire.

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